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    About CFIE

    Canada Food Import Export Inc. (“CFIE”) is a Canadian federal registered company with headquarter in Markham Ontario. CFIE is dedicated to build the Internet based E-trading platform for the export of Canadian agri-food products to the emerging markets.

    CFIE has experienced many years of great support and assistance by Canadian and Chinese governments in terms of custom clearance, inspection and other regulations that allow the smooth and successful process of exporting goods from Canada to China. CFIE was part of the 2014 Canadian APEC Business delegation with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to visit China. During the mission, CFIE came to realize that Canada and China have much to offer each other in agri-food business opportunities. Canadian’s world-class products are an excellent match for China’s quality-driven emerging market. Therefore, we funded and designed the open E-trading platform (CFIE), which is aimed to simplify the cross-border transaction, increase the revenues and market expansion, where Canada’s pure and natural agri-food and products can be shopped and shipped directly from the manufacturers and suppliers in Canada to retailers and customers in China.

    CFIE wishes to establish a greater presence and meet many potential customers and distributors. The future looks extremely bright for CFIE and we look forward to continued success, growth and profitability

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