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    Wendell Estate Cream Raw Prairie Honey 340g


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    RMB 420.00 / Bottle

    1 Bottle

    Unlimited Bottle



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    Canada Food Import Export Inc. (“CFIE”) is a Federal registered company, headquartered in Markham Ontario. CFIE (in exclusive partnership with Golden Mouse) has been successfully producing, marketing and exporting ginseng and honey to Mainland China for more than a decade.

    Pure, fresh, natural honey
    A raw honey, harvested from one of the world's finest apiaries.
    Rich textures paired with sumptuous flavour.

    The work of world-class artisans.
    The wisdom of over 60 years of perfecting our craft.
    A smooth, delicious honey, unlike any you've ever tasted.

    Incredible Honey since the 1940s
    Nestled in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Wendell Honey was founded in the early 1940s by John Wendell. From humble beginnings, a passion for cultivating the finest honey has seen the farm grow to house over 3500 beehives that are the source for Wendell Estate Honey. Today, under the watchful eyes of Tim and Isabel Wendell, Wendell Honey carries on its tradition of delivering unparalleled taste and texture.

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